Review of Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America

Two reviews in two days might be too much but bear with me:

The title says it all. The Supreme Court is destroying America and the traditions it holds dear, most notably the idea of democracy. Mark Levin, one of my favorite radio hosts, put out his attack on the activist Supreme Court in 2005. Although some of the specific issues and justices are not longer around (as with any book on politics from 2005), Levin points out crucial errors of the Supreme Court which as still pertinent. While providing an overview of court history, his qualms are focused on the Warren Court forward. This is where the expansion happened and when the Supreme Court really started to usurp the power of the people and the Constitution.

While I can find few faults with the book (2005 being one problem), little got me overly excited which is why I give it 3 stars. One part I did enjoy especially was Levin’s descriptions of former justices. People sometimes think of justices and judges as impartial and honest, but they have the same errors and sins as anyone else.

Levin brings insight into America’s legal system;as former lawyer in the Reagan presidency he’s see the workings of Constitutional law. However, it is a first read about the Supreme Court. It covers everything from abortion to commerce to freedom of religion. Each chapter is spent on such a topic which would seem like a lot, yet it never seemed as deep as I would like. It is very much a history book compared to a legal book like I hoped for.

Men in Black is a great book as an intro to the dangers of the Supreme Court and also as a reference to have on hand to explain where the Court has failed over the years.


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