Review of Your Teacher Said What?!


2 of 5 Stars. Yesterday I finished Your Teacher Said What?!: Defending Our Kids from the Liberal Assault on Capitalism by Joe Kernen and his daughter, Blake. I was excited for this book. Having read a book by Steven Landsburg called Fair Play, I was interested in another version.  Fair Play is a book focused around the crazy things that his kids learn in schools (I probably learned it too) and how he dealt with it.

This is what I assumed when I read the title and description for Your Teacher Said What?! Unfortunately this is not the case and Kernen does not have the unique contrarian mind of Landsburg.  While every once in a great while teachers or education are brought up (especially during the chapter on unions), the focus was on the liberal influences everywhere in life. Hollywood and the media were particularly lambasted. This was all good and dandy, but really gave me very few insights into new concepts or points. If someone is unaware of the pervasiveness of liberalism in such areas, this book might be beneficial. (Un)fortunately, I see liberalism everywhere (even overreact at times).

Some chapters were dreadful. After a short introduction, the next chapter is basically a dictionary of terms that came up when teaching his daughter. Very few provide new information to even the basic follower of the news. Good for his daughter, yeah; most adults, rarely. The final chapter on the difference between the Wall Street Journal and New York Times is equally slow. This chapter is used to highlight some important issues (cap-and-trade as one example) but turns into just a long back and forth between the two newspapers. If you don’t know the NYT is liberal and WSJ is conservative, you haven’t read either and probably aren’t going to read this book.

If you’re raising a kid with worries about the liberal bias in certain parts of life, read it. If you want to learn basic conservative ideology, it might help but there are better books such as Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto by Mark Levin. If neither of these apply, read something else.


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