Review of What’s So Great About Christianity

My third book from Dinesh D’Souza is probably his most controversial and powerful. Drawing on the best theologians and philosophers (both religious and secular), Dinesh tries to accomplish a few things. I’d say he does them all well. In the first section Dinesh explains how religion is thriving in the world, especially Christianity. Only in the West is it falling in impact. Next, he examines the connection between Christianity and Western philosophy. This is where the book is best. The West is Christian and its important to remember that. Even secularists like Murray Rothbard know this. Thirdly, Dinesh takes up the long examined fight between science and religion. He shows how this is false since Christianity led and still leads science. Overall, Dinesh’s logic is stunning and reassuring to Christians.

Any time I asked a question about something Dinesh said or raised a counter point, he was quick to respond with a good answer. My only complaint is that sometime the arguments are philosophical jargon. It is difficult to understand for people who talk like the plebs (me). However, this is necessary since many of the “attacks” on Christianity are phrased in such nonsense. A great book for a person like me, looking into faith and the importance in the West. 4 of 5 stars.


One thought on “Review of What’s So Great About Christianity

  1. Sounds like a cool book, I like hearing people comment on how or if science and religion can be successful together. There are obvious cases where it doesn’t work and some where people who are against one or the other make unfair assumptions about the other.

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