Review of How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life

This book may seem overdone or cheesey, but I can’t speak highly enough about it. I first listened to the audiobook for a class project. Peter Robinson‘s (also a favorite of mine from Uncommon Knowledge) conversational style and insight into so many topics required that I read the whole book. After driving to a library 40 minutes away I had the book. Finished in no time, the book is everything a young man like myself could want in a book. The history of the Reagan years is brief but insightful. It reflects on Reagan’s life. A man at the end of his life, Reagan has so much to teach young men. It reflects on Peter Robinson’s life, then in his 40’s and just starting a family. He talks about the issues he had as a 20 something finding his way in the world while being in the Reagan White House. For an almost college grad, his concerns are my concerns and he taught me a lot. I loved the book so much I already bought a new version of the book. This is almost unheard of for me since I am cheap and prefer used. However, I know I will keep looking back to this book for guidance, history and entertainment for years to come. Truly a near perfect book for this point in my life

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