NERD ALERT – 2012 Summer Reading List

As the summer has arrived and I finally have working internet in my new place, I figured it was a good time to put together my summer reading list. These are the books I hope to finish this summer. While extensive, I should be able to tackle it.

Already Started

Atlas Shrugged



“Must” Finish

Cover of "Free to Choose: A Personal Stat...

Extra Reads- these are all economics books that only nerds like me would read over a summer.

English: Cover of the 2010 pocket edition of H...

15 total should not be too much, but a few of them are quite daunting (Human Action). Hope some other choose one or two of these books to get a discussion going.


One thought on “NERD ALERT – 2012 Summer Reading List

  1. Finished Walter Williams book yesterday- 3 of 5 stars, interesting, but at times repetitive.

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